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how can Adolfo help you?

As a sports industry expert, with confirmable experience, Adolfo can be your skilled advisor to achieve your goal in the sports market.He will assist and guide your brand to position itself as a leader. Additionally, his vast experience will mentor you to gain the best of both worlds, education and sports.


Who is Adolfo?

He is a sports manager and entrepreneur, specialized in event management, and educational guidance for student athletes.Adolfo holds the specific education and professional experience that has led him to be successful in managing professional and development sports.

professional football

club atlético de madrid

Adolfo joined Atlético de Madrid in 2016, where he is a decisive member in the managerial structure of the Academy.Among his successful achievement, the creation and continuous participation of sport-educative football programs all around the world, as well as the representation of the Club before respected entities such as UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) & ECA (European Club Association) can be counted as one of them.

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fernando torres

Club Atlético de Madrid / under-19 head coach

"Adolfo is a great professional who has always taken care of every detail so that we can focus on our tasks without worrying about anything else. First he cares about getting to know the people in order to optimize each resource. Hopefully we can work together for many years and of course I would recommend his experience to any company, sports entity or individual who wants to prosper in this field."

Diederik Dewaele

ECA (European Club Association) / Head of Women´s Football / Director of Football

"At ECA, we aim at getting into a constructive relationship with the women's clubs to ensure that we can represent them in the best way possible. At Atlético de Madrid, I got in contact with Adolfo around discussions related to the impact of the pandemic on the Women's Champions League and I greatly appreciated Adolfo's level of cooperation, proactivity and professionalism. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about women's football and communicates the club's position in a concise and clear way. It is a pleasure working with professionals like Adolfo."

Bianca Rech

FC Bayern Munich / Sporting Director Womens Football

“Adolfo carries tasks to the highest possible standard and showing professionalism. With his extensive knowledge I can highly recommend working with him. His readiness to give generously of his time and energy and his pleasant personality made him a delight to work with.”

Alberto Moriñigo

Real Madrid / Head of Football Youth Academy

"it has been a pleasure to have known and to be able to collaborate with Adolfo during all this time, with great dedication and efficiency. He is one of those professionals that throughout your career it is a pleasure to work with him. Adolfo is one of those people you can totally trust."

David Garcia Gomez

LaLiga / Football Methodology Coordinator

"I have been very lucky to share many years with a professional like Adolfo. He takes care of every detail, always committed and showing great competence to solve different situations. he is highly experienced in the industry, and I consider him the professional and the person everyone would want on their team."


Adolfo was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and lived there until he graduated hi High School. During this period he was introduced into football, driving him into the sport industry.Then, motivated to follow his dreams to be able to help others and be part of a Professional Football Club, he proceeded to move to Florida, USA where he graduated with honors from Flagler College with a double major in Sport Management & Economics.His beginnings in the Professional Football started right after finishing college, when he moved to Madeira, Portugal and started working for Club Sport Marítimo. During this time, he had the opportunity to be involved with the Professional Football Club (Liga Nos) where he learned the big impact and the possitive influence of the sports on young people.This journey was a key factor in achieving his present role in Madrid with one of the most successful Football Club, Atlético de Madrid, since 2016 until the present with emphasis in the Academy.He has been involved in some of the most important achievement of Atlético de Madrid. For instance, when the Women´s First Team won for the First Time the Women´s Spanish Super Cup in 2021. He was part of the Coaching Staff during this tournament.Additionally, Adolfo was a member of the coaching staff of Ricardo Ortega & Fernando Torres, coaches of the Atlético de Madrid under-19 team, when they reached for the first team in the Club´s history all the way to the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Youth League, Season 2021-2022.Adolfo´s story is in the making as he is accomplishing his dream with the major Football Club and a leading member of the International Department of the Academy and the Main Responsible of the European Competitions.

Professional Experience

As previously mentioned, Adolfo´s journey with Atlético de Madrid started on September 2016 (Season 2016-2017), when he joined as one of the founding member of the International Area of the Academy. This division was created, and continues with the mission to expand the Brand Atlético de Madrid for all over the world through sport-educative football programs.Adolfo has been cooperating among with his team, made of managerial and football staff, to build and manage the Atlético de Madrid Academy's brand internationalization, positioning it as one of the leading Club worldwide. The development of innovative sport-educative football programs and projects, like International and National Camps, and strategic alliances with other Football Clubs and Sport Entities have offered the opportunity to more than 6000 young players from over 30 countries to train under the Academy´s methodology and philosophy, and be part of the Atlético de Madrid.Adolfo´s skills to network, critical thinking, make professional connections, and even public speaking, have allowed him to gain the trust of the Club to be the Main Representative among important Football and Sport governmental institutions such as: UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) & ECA (European Club Association), as well as other Professional Football Club. He has been the Main Contact, or the bridge between Atlético de Madrid and these institutions since 2017 (Season 2017-2018) in both, Professional Women´s Football, and Development Football.Another important chapter in Adolfo´s involvement with Atlético de Madrid has been his experience with the Women´s First Team of the Club, which can be divided in two:First, on multiple occasions (seasons) Adolfo has assisted the Women´s Sport Direction Department with the signing of important players. Among them, he helped bring to the Club are: Sari van Veenendaal (Dutch former football player & 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Golden Glove), Jade Moore, and Toni Duggan (both English footballers).Second, during the 2020-2021 season, Adolfo was a member of the Women´s First Team Coaching Staff, where he worked closely with Dani Gonzalez & Sanchez Vera (both, head coaches during different times). Due Adolfo´s proficiency and competence in Spanish & English, both the coaching staff and players were able to communicate improving the cohesion and understanding of the Team, which resulted in achievement of the First Women´s Spanish Super Cup in the history of the Club.In summary, all the different roles and responsibilities Adolfo has held at Atlético de Madrid are:- Main Responsible for the International Football Camps.
- Main Responsible for the Atlético Experience (travel teams in Madrid)
- Main Contact (part of the under-19 Coaching Staff) of the UEFA Youth League
- Main Contact of the UEFA Women´s Champions League
- Assistance Sport Direction Women´s First Team
- Coaching Staff Women´s First Team


Adolfo´s main area of expertise is the Sport Management, specifically the globalization of Brands and the Organization of Events.He has been able to stablish Football Camps Internationally and in Spain; with this knowledge and the support of the Atlético de Madrid Brand (LaLiga), you will be able to set sport-educational programs in your home country, it includes assistance and information for all your travel arrangements including the Experience of training with the professional football teams as a player.He will work closely with you in order to define the goal you are seeking, or you are needing as he will be able to identity the best strategy, partnership, and moment to act in order to accomplish such goal.Adolfo´s ultimate goal is be able to support and guide you to achieve your dreams through sports. In other words, he will be the bridge between sport organizations and you. This is where his industry knowledge is most valuable.


Adolfo´s further area of expertise is Education counseling. Sports must go hand in hand with Education. If your goal is to achieve a successful combination, then his mentoring will work in your benefit.Sports and Education must coexist, and they must complement each other. We have heard many times that a healthy mind is a healthy life (Mens sana in corpore sano).One of the most common routes is using sports to obtain the best education possible with universities in the United States and Canada. But, it can work the other way around, where education can grant you the access to the best sport practice, like the case of Atlético de Madrid, where students have the opportunity to train and be part of their Academy.Adolfo´s objective is to be a beacon in the development of young athletes, either your goal is best education or best sport practice. For all of these, he is the person to reach.